Once Upon a Time Wedding Stationery is referred to as OUATWS in this document

1. Price, Payment, Variations & Consultations

Consultations are conducted at the discretion of OUATWS and Client. This is either by the way of a Face to Face meeting, Skype or a Telephone conversation. At this time as much information will be gathered as possible. This consultation if Face to Face is free of charge, if order of stationery is placed at time of consultation payment is expected at that time or within 7 days of consultation date, however, it is payable if the client wishes to go away and consider the quote, within seven days after the consultation. OUATWS will not hold prior agreed production date past these 7 days of non payment.

If using OUATWS Bespoke Design Service the fee which starts at £100 -£200 is required before design work can start.  Once Client and OUATWS have discussed and agreed on the final design to be used, a quote will be sent to Client who has 7 days from that point to confirm, place and pay for the order.

All Bespoke Designs and other intellectual property rights in Services are and will remain the sole property of OUATWS.

If after 2 weeks or 14 days Client has not confirmed the order or contacted OUATWS then OUATWS reserve the right to publish and offer those Bespoke Designs to other Clients.

If ordering a Bespoke Design Package this must be paid in full at time of ordering.

All Services must be paid for in full before work commences. Payment is due with the signing of these terms and conditions, and the confirmation of order. A 50% booking fee is required to secure order if over Two Hundred Pounds (£200) anything under this needs to be paid in full and this is NON-REFUNDABLE due to the bespoke nature of the items OUATWS produces. 


To book & secure a production slot in advance a non refundable deposit of £25 is required.  Final designs are to be confirmed 10 to 8 weeks in advance of the production date and paid for no later than 6 weeks before the production date.  If 6 weeks has passed the order is then classed as a RUSH ORDER and will incur a 25% of the total fee

Where the Services include supply of materials or labour, OUATWS may vary the agreed price to take account of any increased costs.

If OUATWS accepts a request to vary the Services the price and times in the Order will be adjusted by OUATWS as appropriate and the changes notified to the Client. OUATWS may decline to carry out any requested variation. A request to reduce the quantity of Products ordered will not result in a price reduction unless otherwise agreed in writing by OUATWS. All lists for names and table plans must be in an editable format such as Microsoft Word format, or Apple Pages. Email is acceptable but be aware format can inadvertently change once delivered to OUATWS. All wording for order of services/table plans/menus MUST be with OUATWS six weeks before the wedding date failure to do this will result in incurring extra costs of £20.00 per week overdue

2. Delivery Of Wedding Stationery & Venue Stationery

Venue Stationery (On The Day Items) , i.e. table plan, place cards, menus etc will be ready no later than ONE WEEK OF or SEVEN DAYS BEFORE THE WEDDING , if these are required ONE WEEK or LESS then an express service charge of 25% of the total is added as a RUSH ORDER

RUSH ORDERS are any orders placed by Client that is required within 6 weeks or less.  Rush Orders are not always accepted depending on work load and feasibility.  There will be a 25% (of the price of the order) Rush Order Fee added to the final total.  Payment is expected immediately.  Late payments will result in the a delay in the order or OUATWS reserve the right to cancel the order altogether  

The prices do not include delivery this is charged as follows,

Recorded delivery £26.99

Next day delivery £36.99

Courier POA

If your order is split, i.e. day invitations first and then followed by evening, then two delivery charges will be charged.

OUATWS reserves the right to charge interest on any overdue payment in accordance with the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act.

Also, OUATWS will be entitled to cancel the Order and/or suspend the Services if any payment is not made on the due date, requests that are unreasonable, or exhibit anti social behaviour towards OUATWS, by the Client. OUATWS will also be entitled to halt process of order if relevant information is not provide by the time schedule given to said client.

3. Duration

Dates for commencement and completion of the Services given by OUATWS are given in good faith but, unless stated in the Order, dates are not guaranteed and OUATWS will not be liable for any delay in commencement or completion of the Services. Samples take up to four weeks to produce, we then give the client four weeks to return with any alterations, if this deadline is not met we will not be held responsible for any delays incurred.

OUATWS will not also be held liable if deadlines are not met due to client not adhering to time scales. Also if materials are out of stock an alternative will be offered, however if this is not approved then the deadline for completion will be put back. Further more if client does not return sample within four weeks OUATWS has the right to put order on hold until contact is made and sample returned and then a revised delivery schedule will be advised.

4. Changes

Any changes after proof has been approved are chargeable of the cost of materials and a minimum of two hours work at the rate of £15.00 per hour. If invitations have been disturbed and then recollected, these will be seen as used goods and no refund is available.

Subsequently changes to the order MUST be paid for otherwise it is reverted back to the original order, under no circumstances will OUATWS supply extra goods without payment.

5. Property & Risk

When the Services include the supply of goods or materials, the risk of loss or damage passes to the Client upon completion but, where Services are performed on the Clients premises, the risk of loss or damage to goods and materials, except when caused by OUATWS, rests with the Client who should insure the risks at his/hers expense. Ownership in the goods and materials will remain with OUATWS until payment in full of all amounts due from the Client have been received by OUATWS

6. Warranty & Liability

OUATWS will exercise reasonable skill and care in the supply of the Services and Goods.

Any defect must be notified promptly and in any event within the first 24 hours of receiving order, it is advised that the client check their order UPON DELIVERY. If OUATWS accepts that the defect is OUATWS responsibility, OUATWS will have the option to remedy the defective Services (when this is feasible). Under no circumstances will OUATWS liability to the Client exceed a sum equal to the total price payable for the relevant Services nor will it extend to any loss of business or profit or any indirect loss incurred by the Client.

Where the Services include the supply of goods or materials, the warranty given above will not apply to defects which are due to: fair wear and tear, accidental damage or failure by the Client to adhere to OUATWS recommendations; or to materials or goods included in the Services which have not been manufactured by OUATWS

All terms, conditions and warranties implied by law, trade use or otherwise (including but not limited to any warranties as to quality or fitness for purpose) are excluded to the extent permitted by law. The Client acknowledges that the only warranties are those given expressly by OUATWS in these Conditions.

7. Cancelations & Confidentiality

If the Client wishes to cancel an order with OUATWS this must be done in writing (electronic email does not qualify) from the Client and not a third party. If part of an order has already been dispatched, for example Save the Date cards, Invitations etc, then no refund under any circumstances will be given, this in accordance with all items being of a bespoke and personalised nature, and once order has been placed the materials, labour and design has begun.

OUATWS also reserve the right to cancel an order if information is not forthcoming within the times scales i.e order of service info a week before the wedding, when it is required four weeks before the wedding date.

The contract and order between OUATWS and Client remains confidential. No data that OUATWS holds will ever be released under the Data Protection Act 1998. OUATWS cannot also discuss any part of the order with a third party other than the Client. It is also expected that the client adhere to the confidentiality as well, and discuss no part of the cancelation with a third party.

8. Force Majeure

OUATWS will not have any liability to the Client if prevented from performing the contract on account of force majeure which includes, but is not limited to severe weather conditions, war, terrorism, strikes or difficulty in obtaining materials and labour. In any of these circumstances, OUATWS reserves the right to cancel or suspend the Services.

9. Intellectual Property & Copyright

All designs and other intellectual property rights in Services are and will remain the sole property of OUATWS. Under no circumstances will the Client copy or make use of any of OUATWS intellectual property rights. Furthermore, all designs produced by OUATWS are copyrighted under OUATWS and if any part of the design content etc is copied then this will be seen as a breach of the copyright under OUATWS.

10. Client Default

If the Client (a) commits a breach of contract, or (b) fails to make a payment on the due date, or (c) becomes insolvent or has a receiver or liquidator appointed then, in any such case, OUATWS shall be entitled to end the contract and recover all OUATWS costs and losses including loss of profit up to the termination date

11. Law & Disputes

The contract between OUATWS and Client is governed by English law. Any dispute which cannot be settled amicably will be referred to mediation at the request of either party. CEDR (the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution) will arrange the mediation. Any dispute that is not settled will be resolved in the English courts.


All orders placed 6 weeks or less before date required or at any time of £50.00 or under must be paid in full before materials can be sourced and work can commence.

This or a 50% NON REFUNDABLE deposit also confirms your date in our order book and can not be considered as placed until deposit has been received

Orders placed that are required within 6 weeks are classed as RUSH ORDERS and will subsequently incur a Rush Order fee of 25% of the final total. Example - Order cost is £50.00 making the Rush Order fee £12.50 = Amount payable £62.50

NO work on any orders will commence until final payment has been received. However materials will be purchased at time of deposit being received making the deposit Non Refundable 

Please be aware Final Payment must be received six weeks before your allocated booking date. Along with confirmation of any final outstanding information required to produce your order. Please ensure all information is sent together in one email

Failure to do so will result in your order being put back to the next available slot so as not to hold up subsequent Client orders. All wording for order of services/table plans/menus MUST be with OUATWS six weeks before the wedding date failure to do this will result in incurring extra costs of £20.00 per week overdue

However after a Client delay, If no later production slot is available or can be agreed on, your order will unfortunately be cancelled & you will lose your deposit.

Once your payment or 50% deposit has been received I will order the material required ready for your production date. If there should be a quiet period during working hours I will make a start on subsequent orders earlier.

Changes to your order can not be made after deposit has been received, however you may be able to add to the order with relevant payment per extra item to be made immediately in full & with a £5.00 fee added depending on timescale

No refunds are offered should you wish to deduct items from your order once deposit has been received.

Final invoice will be sent 6 weeks before production date & will be payable within 14 days of receipt.

All artwork must be approved & confirmed as good to print by Client.  PLEASE try to have 2-3 different people check them too if possible.  OUATWS will email PDF proofs to Client who must ensure everything is correct & as expected, double checking for any errors & spelling mistakes. Once Client approved, any mistakes within rests with the Client & any rectifications will be charged accordingly.  If an error should occur by OUATWS AFTER after the approval stage OUATWS will amend at no extra cost to the Client. PDF Proofs are emailed to the Client or a private link will be sent to the Client to view the PDF Proofs via OUATWS private Dropbox account

Work will start on your order once that payment has been received, however if your payment is early this could possibly enable bringing forward your order production date which you are free to discuss with me. Work load permitting.

OUAT Working hours are between 9.30am - 5.00pm. Monday to Friday.  Consultations and viewings are by Appointment Only.  We are not open at the weekends or Bank Holidays, with limited working hours during school half terms & summer holidays. Christmas and Easter holidays also correspond with school term times

All items are packaged safely sometimes in recycled but strong boxes. Every order is photographed before packing, during & after packing, before & after sealing the box.

Clients collecting from OUATWS must sign paperwork as proof of collection.  OUATWS ask that every Client checks their order within 24 hours of collection

All items are posted Recored Signed For Delivery. Or customers may collect in person. A delivery service may be available priced at 60p per mile per round trip depending on distance from OUATWS premises to agreed delivery address.


Thank you for your understanding and co-operation

Cheryl Tate - Once Upon a Time Wedding Stationery (OUATWS)

By signing below you are stating that you have read and understand our Terms & Conditions. No work will be undertaken until this has been sent back to OUATWS

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