When ordering, please ensure you provide at least one valid telephone contact number and a valid e-mail address.

Due to the Bespoke & Personalised nature of our work we will need to contact you often to discuss your order, so please ensure you provide an email address & telephone number which we can reach you on to disscuss your requirements.

We do find that customers much prefer to use email as the main point of contact.  As do we!

This is because we need a lot of details when making your Wedding Stationery & its much simpler for you to provide us with all the required details in written form.

This will ensure we can avoid any unnecessary delays with your order.

Please provide all the information together in one go, this helps me to plan my very tight schedule...information sent in dribs & drabs makes it very hard to organise each order efficiently.

Production slots may be booked as far ahead as you like & this is often the best way rather than leaving it closer to the time that you require your stationery.  Chances are very high that I will be fully booked by then!  There is a non Refundable booking fee of £25.00 this secures your production slot in my order book even if you are still in the early stages of planning your wedding day.   This £25.00 will eventually count towards your order deposit & / or order once you have decided on what stationery you would like.

Last minute, rush orders are not ideal, but I try my best to accomodate if time allows.  There is a Rush Order Fee of £25 if the date you require your stationery is 8 weeks or less, full payment is also required for Rush Orders. Our Bespoke Design Service is not available on Rush Orders.

Our Bespoke Design Service is currently set at a low price of £100 to £200 depending on the package you choose,  I discuss with you your theme, colours, likes & dislikes to design at least 3 samples.  These samples are available to then buy from £5.00 each or if the sample cost is more than £5.00 the actual cost will be charged with relevant P&P to be added, OR as standard I will just send you a PDF or photograph as included in the design fee.  (you may purchase a sample after you have seen the sample images!)  You are then permitted to request any changes to those designs on one further sample. Any major changes will be classed as a new Bespoke Design Service where the fee will apply again. 

I will email you the samples & quote which is held for 14 days from date of email.  If I do not hear back from you by the 14 day deadline I will contact you once more.  If I do not hear back from you within 7 days after that, I will no longer contact you, by 60 days if there is still no further communication, I remove you from my client list & then I release the design to my website for other clients to purchase.  

You can be sure that we will never pass your details on to any other parties or pester you with unsolicited sales calls or emails!  I personally do not like a hard sell so I will never subject any of my clients to that either!

Because of the low design fee all of my bespoke designs will eventually be released to other clients to purchase but only after your RSVP date has passed.  We offer a VIP Bespoke Design Package which gives you exclusivity, meaning that exact design won't be made available to any future clients.

If you wish to purchase sole exclusivity of your bespoke design the design fee increases to £400.  Your Wedding Stationery is then priced per item as standard to order.  No one else will ever purchase your exact design.  Please note that there may be a future design collection released similiar but never exactly the same. 

We like to deal direct with our couples rather than through a third party.   This ensures a healthy working relationship at all times which is the ultimate goal!

All of my wedding stationery designs are copyrighted & can not be used or reproduced by a third party.

Our FULL TERMS & CONDITIONS will be up on the new website soon but please do feel free to get in touch to request these be sent to you via email &/ or post.  These are in place to provide the client & myself with peace of mind & fair guidelines.  Please note that no work will be carried out at all until we receive these back as read & signed by the client.


Wedding Details & Information

  • Please provide the following details exactly as you wish them to appear on your stationery


Save The Dates

1.   The names of the couple to be married

2.   Date of Wedding

3.   This information is not as standard but clients may like to include either of the following:  Venue Name, Venue Address, County, Country.

      (If you are unsure about #3 please feel free to get in touch with me to discuss your options further!)


Wedding Invitations

1.   The names of the couple to be married.

2.  Wedding Ceremony Venue & Address

3.  Time of Ceremony

4.  Date of Ceremony

5.  Wedding Reception Venue & Address (if differnet from ceremony)

6.  Reception Start Time for Evening Guests

7.  RSVP Date

8.  RSVP Address

  • Do you require additional RSVP Cards?   
  • Do you require Wedding Breakfast Menu for Guests to choose from?
  • Do you require Inserts for additional Information ie: Maps, Accommodation Info, Gift List/Request


On The Day Items


Table Identification Cards - These can be Numbers or Names to co-ordinate with your Invitations


Place Cards - There are 3 options to chose from, all co-ordinating with your Invitations if required

- OPTION A:  left blank for you to handwrite your guests names on

- OPTION B:  if you are not keen on the thought of handwriting possibly 70+ guests names we can print them for you!

- OPTION C: includes your guests names & their chosen menu options or your set menu


Table Plan - A1 mountboard in size,  a lovely way to show your Guests where they are to be seated consists of Top Table & as many Guests tables as required

Smaller Table Plan sizes also available - A2, A3, A4

Upgrade to having the Mountboard backed with Foam board for extra rigidity

Table Plan Cards - You may just want the Table Plan Cards produced so that you can mount them yourself on to whatever display you already have!  Just send me the display sizes & I will make the Table Plan Cards based on that. 


Favour Tags - Can be personalised with a Thank You message from the newlyweds with or without your Guests names.  Great to double up as Place Settings!  I can also supply the favour boxes, bags, cones etc so all you have to do is fill with your own chosen sweets or small gifts


Menu Cards - Inform your Guests of what The Wedding Breakfast consists of.  These can be single cards set on each table with a full list of the food being served,  or you can have your guests names printed along with their indivdual menu options listed.  Menu Cards per person that can be placed on their plates or rested against their glasses, can also double as Place Settings too 


Scratch Card or Lottery Ticket Wallets - Wish your Guests GOOD LUCK! with these fun Favours, can be personalised too to double up as Place Settings


Childrens Activity Bags - Can be provided empty or with Goodies to entertain the younger wedding guests during the speeches!  Items vary but usually consist of an Activity & Colouring Book,  Crayons, Bubbles...you can add chocolates, sweets too.

The Activity Book can have either an Eye Spy page to tick off OR take a photo of with a disposable camera (we can recommend a great website that you can order disposable cameras from in a choice of colours) or they can use their own (or Mum & Dad's!)


As we offer a Bespoke Service & the options are overwhelmingly vast PLEASE feel free to get in touch should you require anything not listed for your celebrations & wish to discuss further.